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News from Bishop's Castle Orchestra

News from the Bishop’s Castle Orchestra 
John Phillips- Conductor

We are resuming rehearsals on JULY 29th...... the last time we met being the Bishop's Castle Arts Festival Concert at the end of Feb 2019!

Although it's likely that social distancing and other regulations will have ended we intend continuing to conform to them for the time being. For this reason we have had to base our rehearsals in a bigger venue than previously used. Our new venue and times will be:

8.00pm TO 9.30pm

Access and parking are very easy.

The first rehearsal on 29th July:
  • Players are asked to sign in upon entry. Signing in will be your declaration that you do not have covid symptoms, you have not- knowingly- been in contact with a positive covid  case in the previous week, you have been fully vaccinated or have had a negative covid test within the previous 24 hours.
  • Intention to attend rehearsal must be given to a named person, initially Vanessa, by email- on the Tuesday evening prior to the practice. This is essential as the hall must be laid out appropriately to ensure best conditions for the players.
  • Seats, with players' names on, will be in position and should should not be moved.
  • Players are requested to wear masks on entering the hall and when moving around prior to and after rehearsal, and exiting.
  • Reed and brass players are requested to use bell covers..... if they are not to hand please contact me immediately and I will try to obtain them.
  • Hand sanitizing materials to be used as necessary will be available at the entrance and in other strategic places.
  • Doors and windows will remain open..... this should pose no problems until the colder weather.
  • A one-way entrance and exit system will operate. Please ENTER via the main front entrance and EXIT via the car park doors.
  • Players' 'spaces' should be respected at all times.
These guidelines are really very simple and some, although inconvenient, are really commonsense. The stated intention is to enable players to feel as secure as possible.

Two Clarinets
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