Bishop's Castle Orchestra as it is today - BC Orchestra

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Bishop's Castle Orchestra as it is today

The Bishop’s Castle Orchestra Present Day
John Phillips- Conductor

We are an eclectic group of people, not only from the Town, but from surrounding areas as far away as Welshpool, united in the love of music-making.The list of ensembles in which our musicians perform is far too long to detail but, suffice it to say, 100 performers- orchestra and friends of orchestra- joined in with us during our 24-hour Music Marathon in aid of Amnesty International in May 2014.

We are a true ‘community orchestra’ and have good representation in all sections. We welcome new players but do have to strike a balance in order not to have too many instruments in any one section. We expect a proficiency of Associated Board Grade 5 plus although we can make exceptions for those who have decided to take up instruments after a lapse and wish to re-kindle old skills.

We are self-funding and, at present, will be asking for contributions of £11.00 per ten-week term.



John conducting the orchestra
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